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Colourful Interior Accessories Mood Board

lilac rug colour chart Colourful Interior Accessories Mood Board hand made stuff Whilst perusing Carpetright in search for a new rug for my Craft area (for added insulation as I like to laze about on the floor!), I discovered this fabulous geometric rug in pastel(ish) colours! I fell in enjoy almost right away and had to make up my own tiny colour mood board. I believed that if it was to match the white laminate flooring (that’s in my craft room) I could update a few of my honeycomb pom pom decorations and the blue from the rug would tie in with my spray painted shower caddy, turned craft storage.

geometric rug Colourful Interior Accessories Mood Board hand made stuff

This is the rug on a floor, I know in this image it’s on dark flooring but I truly feel that on the white laminate, the lighter colours would be lifted from the palette here. It would be really straightforward to tie in extra decor. I went in search of a lot more colour inspiration utilizing colours that I lifted from the rug in the little colour palette at the leading of this post

carpet right moodboard Colourful Interior Accessories Mood Board hand made stuff

1. individual fav, 2. 2006_05_31, 3. Sweetpea arrangement, 4. Autumn cherry blossoms 6, 5. 60s Silk Dress, 6. sleeping…, 7. You’re Fab, 8. Country Turquoise Flowers in Pink & Turquois Hex Rings, 9. White on white

Utilizing flickr and a Huge Labs mosaic maker I came up with this! Some of these items would be fabulous as art prints or postcards on display, based on which of the colours you wanted to be a lot more prominent. I know that on Etsy you have the potential to search by colour but it’s not the ideal search function as it just returns every little thing it can, including digital files. You can’t define the parameters. I’m positive it would be straightforward enough to find suitable wall art. When I in fact saw the rug, I immediately thought of the following image that I knew was in my Pinterest someplace:

moodboard vintage buttons Colourful Interior Accessories Mood Board hand made stuff

Image from Emma Lou’s flickr stream.

I was totally enamoured with totally all the pictures and it got me pondering about colours that are already in my craft room largely yellow, blue, pink and purple. I have a purple hanging pom pom decoration and blue but I would fairly like a light peach as an alternative of pink which would tie in with the Chicago lilac triangle geometric rug. I consider now is the time to go hunting for interior accessories in line with that colour scheme.

What would you do to the current craft space to match with these colours?

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