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Cath Kidston DIY Hanger Craft

cath kidston fabric diy covered hanger Cath Kidston DIY Hanger Craft hand made stuff

I do adore a great Cath Kidston DIY project! Any project employing Cath Kidston merchandise is often going to be fantastic in my eyes. I don’t know about your residences or the state of your laundry rooms but I have A LOT of plastic or wire hangers. I don’t even know exactly where they all came from but any project to make them appear a tiny prettier is bound to be a wonderful notion. ^_^

covered plastic hangers with cath kidston ribbons Cath Kidston DIY Hanger Craft hand made stuff I identified this fabulous Cath Kidston DIY project by way of the weblog KLA Styling

“Klastyling group is produced up of women in grass-roots knowledgeable professionally in numerous fields interior gathered from all more than the country, flower, craft, and food. “I would like to propose something beautiful,” “I want to make operate out of courage” local housewives, office workers, and so forth., are active, age, occupation is a collection of girls that I sincerely hope so also differ.” (Translated from Japanese)

Chihiro Kubota is a fabulous photo stylist and founder of KLA Styling weblog. I’ve featured the lovely photographs of Chihiro ahead of so I hope you quit by and take a little look!

cath kidston ribbons buttons and fabric Cath Kidston DIY Hanger Craft hand made stuff

Components utilised in this project -

- 100% cotton fabric
– Ribbon and Trim
· Wood glue

diy cath kidston hanger fabric covered Cath Kidston DIY Hanger Craft hand made stuff

Make sure to clean your hanger ahead of adhering any ribbons to it. It will just make life simpler!

You can use your hanger to draw about to make your personal template for this project and then reduce two pieces of your fabric. Ensure to fold your edges down and you can glue these pieces down. You can leave the bottom open and just glue your small hem down and glue the pom pom or ruffle trim also.

cath kidston diy hangers on wire hooks Cath Kidston DIY Hanger Craft hand made stuff

How basic and lovely! Cath Kidston DIY project, photo styling & shooting by Osaka Kobe – “Silk Flower & Cartonage Salon” (I know that tends to make no sense in English but that’s the name of the blog, you can see it on the header!)

Originally noticed on KLA Styling Blog

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