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Introverted Residence By XPIRAL

XPIRAL Architects just finished generate house with a helical geometry that pivots on a fantastic interior patio. The initial concept for this property was to outline all its views toward the interior, to live invested toward a patio, given that the views of the atmosphere that it surrounds have been not anything eye-catching. The garden completes the construction of this introspective appear, locating various plant species in a complementary way to the interior plan. By way of soft unequal green surfaces, they consent as significantly people as cars toward the house, passing below the pool and their beach.

introverted house by xpiral Introverted Residence By XPIRAL architecture

Photographs by David Frutos | Bis Images

Description from XPIRAL
“It’s actually a housing in a single plant that it has stretched out in height, where organic light guides us inside, although hiding the windows in the circulation address, and sliding on the white curved geometries, inside and outside. This absolute loss of the frontal viewpoint transforms the interior spaces in a “continuous altering one”, in which the users movements and the light speak to us about time, seasons or climate, to each and every minute.

We have brought near to the sky the pool, searching for the maximum sun but also creating a sensual privacy by means of a micro-perforated corrugated steel sheets that for their geometry curved interact with the external user to the parcel.

The range interior and external landscape is reinforced via 3 structures (armed concrete, I steel and wood) that are alternated in the spaces in a 3-dimensional and flowing way. The massive target of plasters to the interior and oversees mortar reinforces flowing of the light in an elementary way. All the thermal inertia of the housing is toward the interior, considering that a thick isolation is positioned to the exterior (below the mortar) what assures us an outstanding impact cave, reinforced by the selection of holes that you/they have been carried out, the placement of the vegetation or the water flows of cover and garden.”

ceiling introverted house by xpiral Introverted Residence By XPIRAL architecture

Images by David Frutos | Bis Pictures

swimming pool introverted house by xpiral Introverted Residence By XPIRAL architecture

Photographs by David Frutos | Bis Images

pixel Introverted Residence By XPIRAL architecture

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