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10 Hottest Fresh Architecture Trends In 2014

wooden outdoor room 10 Hottest Fresh Architecture Trends In 2014 home improvement

Standard & Outdoor Room: Each 2014 Architectural Trends (Edward Clark Landscape Architect, LLC)

In this post we’ll bring to you 10 heavy hitting architectural trends and give causes why they’ll continue to grow in strength in 2014.

1.  Passive Residences

1 of the most prevalent trends in the architectural world nowadays is the shift towards a reduction in the consumption of energy a reduction in carbon emissions, a concentrate on green principles.  The passive property deals with this whole problem of wasted energy and carbon emissions, and it’s since of this remedy which PassivHaus gives which has produced them the center of concentrate and architectural style as a result far in 2014.

As described in 1 of our other articles, ‘Passive Homes: 13 Factors Why the Future Will Be Dominated by this New Pioneering Trend‘, we show how a passive home can save up to 90% in heating costs.  As a massive chunk of the planet’s power consumption is gobbled up by the residence, if only this trend became accessible to every single single particular person, the good impact on the world would be significant.

We envisage, as the economic woes of the globe begin to lift, a lot more and far more governments will commence to offer you PassivHaus grants and funding.  If this occurs: This’ll be a trend which will have a really actual influence in altering the planet and our children’s future for the far better.

Passive houses will be a strong trend in 2014 but mark our words that this trend will continue to swell year on year for the foreseeable future.

passivhaus principles 10 Hottest Fresh Architecture Trends In 2014 home improvement

Passivhaus Principles, Source: Eco Design and style Consultants

two.  Designing for Relaxation

It has been mentioned that the living of nowadays are exposed to far more information in 1 day (content of the New York Occasions) than an typical particular person in the 17th century is exposed to in their entire lifetime.  One could argue that the sort of information a person of the 17th century was exposed to is of a diverse kind of information in which most of us today would be blind to but let’s focus in on the principle of data overload.

The fact is that most people don’t know how to organize and process the sheer volumes of details they face each day what’s essential and what isn’t and so on.  It’s for this really reason far more and more individuals are turning an location of their property into a place of retreat a place to unwind and unwind.  The most well-liked decision in 2014 is the residence spa a spot exactly where one particular can escape to and unwind.  

The residence spa business is increasing at a wholesome price.  In quarter 4 of 2013, it grew by 10% compared to the very same quarter the previous year.  It just so occurs I’m a statistician by education, but it doesn’t take a statistician to tell you that a 10% boost is substantial and shouldn’t be brushed aside.  The residence spa industry is healthful and will continue to be a favorite in architectural design and style in 2014.

Further proof of this trend can be demonstrated via new builds in the United States.  Over 50% of new builds are now equipped with a whirlpool bath.

di vapor whirlpool bath bathroom 10 Hottest Fresh Architecture Trends In 2014 home improvement

That Place of Relaxation & Rejuvenation from Di Vapor

3.  Flex Rooms

What are flex rooms?  Flex rooms are rooms or areas in the residence which have a variety of uses, or could be changed at some point throughout the year.  It’s usually a location in the house which is employed for far more than 1 goal, for example an entrance hall also becoming used as a dining space.

Why is this a common trend and why will it be strong in 2014?  The strength behind this trend can discover its strength in 3 principal elements baby boomers, income and versatility.

Let’s start with baby boomers.  Architects are now designing homes to accommodate the growing elderly population who are opting to remain with loved ones.  These homes have to be effectively organized, usually segregated from the rest of the house in some way in a self contained unit.  This enables for separation among the family (sanity preservation) and it also makes it possible for the living space to be rented out if want be.

Secondly, revenue.  As disposable income has dropped substantially and pensions lost in the crash of 2008, retirees have been forced to move in with their households as they merely can’t afford to live by themselves, or spend for a retirement property.

Thirdly, versatility.  Options are empowering and give the homeowner choices.  Flex rooms enable maximum usage with the space provided maximum usage output per square foot of living space – It also enables for alter of use if so required.

flex rooms 10 Hottest Fresh Architecture Trends In 2014 home improvement

Integrating Kitchen and Living Space: Flex Room from Amy A. Alper Architects

 4.  Prefabricated Buildings

With the development of manufacturing technologies, investment into the whole region of prefabrication (specifically in China) has helped move this trend into significance.  Don’t just think houses either, this trend stretches far and wide, encompassing hotels, workplace buildings, sheds and end of garden builds.

The major draw of this trend are the monetary savings in which it offers.  The repetitive manufacturing procedure means savings in raw supplies and saving in manpower.  Entire walls and furnished floor space are pre-made in a factory, which are then delivered direct to the plot, ready to be assembled in some giant Meccano like structure.

Project management is less difficult, develop time is much less, function force needed is reduced all money saving factors and all reasons why this is a developing trend which’ll continue to create in 2014.

I feel one of the most powerful visual examples of the power of prefabrication can be observed in this video exactly where a 30 story developing is built in 15 days.

Check out our post: Fabulous Prefabs: 13 Luxury Portable Abodes That’ll Move You

prefabricated house 10 Hottest Fresh Architecture Trends In 2014 home improvement

Sharp Prefabricated Residence from KZ Architecture

5.  Health Conscious Designs

The materials which are employed in developing, decorating and furnishing the property are an issue which is becoming addressed by architects and designers.

Paints, upholstery, insulation, wood stain and other synthetic components utilised in the home which cause hypoallergenic reactions and achievable severe well being troubles are getting replaced with those which don’t have such unfavorable side effects.

Options to these potentially unhealthy supplies are constantly obtainable, it’s just a matter of sourcing them at a cost which consumers are willing to spend.  It might be a matter of promoting the potentially considerable wellness positive aspects of these materials to help overcome the potential cost increase the winning method to win their approval.  It’s just like the concept: If you have by no means had a heart attack, eat and reside as although you have had a single, to avoid (or at least decrease the danger) that difficulty from occurring.

In the very same vein, architects are hunting to reduce down on the hypoallergenic and potential carcinogenic materials, a trend which we’ll see in 2014.

healthy 10 Hottest Fresh Architecture Trends In 2014 home improvement

Utilizing All-natural Components Efficiently: SF Arc

6.  Kitchens: Hub of the House

This is a single which we specifically like the kitchen getting the focal point of the house.  No longer will the kitchen be that area which is built in the dark recesses of the house – Now it’s becoming elevated to center stage.  The kitchen is set to be the space in the property which is getting utilized for much more than just cooking.  We are seeing it being utilized as a spot to believe, study and work in addition to complete range of other multitasking uses.

It’s a related dynamic to the flex house, but a lot more certain.  Having the kitchen as the hive of activity inside the house is great for bringing the family together and strengthening relationships.  It’s the trend for 2014 which should continue for years to come.

kitchen 10 Hottest Fresh Architecture Trends In 2014 home improvement

Kitchen Being Used for More Than Cooking: Affecting Spaces Interior Design

7.  Inventive Storage Capacity

You may well have noticed even though driving around the enormous, typically bold colored storage locker buildings they’re everywhere.  It appears like this trend has grown like an out-of-manage garden more than the past 10 years, but there is a basic cause for it.  People have acquired so considerably ‘stuff’ they don’t know what to do with it, so a lot so that they are paying month-to-month payments to retailer their junk valuable things in storage.

Without tackling the underlying difficulties that would be the job of psychiatry experts architects understand the need and are catering for it.  More storage space is naturally necessary in the property, and they are designing varied solutions with style & finesse.  Clutter about the home can be unsightly, and in a world of design where less is more, clutter demands to be dealt with even if it’s merely storing it.

Once more, primarily based on want, this trend is a development trend which’ll be common in 2014.

creative storage 10 Hottest Fresh Architecture Trends In 2014 home improvement

Inventive Staircase Storage by ZSA Architects

7  Reusing Existing Buildings

Some of the ideal designs in 2014 won’t necessarily be newly constructed buildings on the cutting edge of architectural genius, but rather using the current shells of buildings to construct around.  Buildings which have a rustic industrial aura, church buildings, factories and buildings with historical character are all current buildings or derelict shells have character features which are challenging to recreate in contemporary style.  It’s a wonderful endeavor that aids to save historical beauty, which is why we’re glad this is a growing trend in 2014.

residential church conversion 10 Hottest Fresh Architecture Trends In 2014 home improvement

Stunning Instance of a Residential Church Conversion by Bagnato Architects

9.  Utilizing the Outdoors

Exactly where the outdoors was after a place exclusively for the garden or yard, it is now getting utilized for outdoor rooms.  The advance of outside eco-friendly supplies has enabled architects to become a lot more inventive with the use of outdoor places.  Space is a valuable commodity, so it makes logical sense that this trend is growing specifically as population development increases whilst home rates stay staunch.  The trend will be especially popular in locations exactly where the climate is sort, but even in places such as the U.K. you’ll uncover brave and creative architects generating it operate.

outdoor room 10 Hottest Fresh Architecture Trends In 2014 home improvement

Generating it Perform in Australia – MW Architects Hitting the Nail on the Head

10.  Disaster-Friendly Designs

It appears that nobody is protected from flooding, storms, fires and earthquakes these days.  Growing up in England I’ve often categorized these dangers as issues that other nation’s have.Hurricanes: I think Florida.  Earthquakes I consider Tektonic regions.  Floods I consider of Tsunamis in tropical countries.  England this winter has knowledgeable the worst flooding in 250 years, with flooded residences and harm costing an estimated $2 billion dollars.  Whatever the result in for the erratic circumstances we are facing as a human race it’s attain is far and wide, and it’s an issue for geographical areas which previously weren’t affected – These areas are now investing into options to defend against such organic disasters.

As such, architects are now future proofing their styles for all-natural disasters such as flooding, storms and the likes.  This is a trend which has been forced upon us by need to have, and it’s an critical one for coming decade.

flood prevention home 10 Hottest Fresh Architecture Trends In 2014 home improvement

Flood Proof Property by Coates Style

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