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Bathroom Sinks Installation By Thukral & Tagra

Posted on March 07th, 2014 in Bathroom Design

bathroom sinks conceptual installation thukral tagra Bathroom Sinks Installation By Thukral & Tagra others

The bathroom as a living atmosphere, rich in inspiration: a location which is not only restricted to its functionality but which becomes an integral part of the property with no the want for a continuity resolution. The philosophy of Ceramica Globo focuses on the creation of design merchandise that can satisfy the diverse tastes of the public while remaining constant with its personal history and its personal concept.

On the occasion of the Fuorisalone 2014, the brand presents an innovative and stage-like installation which is ironic and visionary within its own showroom on corso Monforte. Globo communicates its globe by means of Animus, a conceptual and image-based operation which underscores the merchandise and the space in a manner which is out of the ordinary.

bathroom sinks conceptual installation thukral tagra Bathroom Sinks Installation By Thukral & Tagra others

The installation was entrusted to the Thukral & Tagra duo, inventive Indians and dynamic artists whose operate ranges from art to design and style to graphics. It is a collaboration which seeks radically to transform the show approaches connected to the bathroom and the merchandise which comprise it.  Pop and organic inspirations, visual links to the India of the third millennium which presents itself to the planet as a complicated and fascinating, dreamlike reality which is colored by vintage touches.
“Animus is the title of a work we conceived for the duration of a trip from Delhi to Milan in 2006. It was our first trip to Italy, on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, to participate in an exhibit”.
Animus is, as a result, a reminiscence, an almost nostalgic dream.
The function of the two artists sums up the space, nearly a playful homage to the Flemish artists of the 16th century. Finely created ornaments transform sinks into radios with a retro really feel, even though the atmosphere is invaded by intriguing puppets which discretely accompany the visitor: objects which combine the idea of mythological figures with those of videogame characters, creating an ideal bridge among past and present. The installation is completed by enameled tubes — a clear reference to plumbing — which connect the fixtures with every single other as if they have been frozen water jets, a sensation which is amplified by the striking sound of water diffused through speakers in the showroom.

For Thukral & Tagra, the continuous references to ancient and modern day are born from the fusion of craftsman activities and the technological element with the explicit want to discover the nevertheless human essence of industrialization, encouraging an optimistic vision which dreams of the future but remains strongly anchored to the previous. This is indeed one particular of the powerful points of Globo, a brand which has been in a position to merge the mastery of standard manufacturing of ceramics with the most innovative industrical processes, guaranteeing good quality on the a single hand and ensuring continuous investigation paying specific to sustainability and the environment.

bathroom sinks conceptual installation thukral tagra Bathroom Sinks Installation By Thukral & Tagra others

The Fuorisalone is the showcase for the organization to present an revolutionary strategy to the bathroom theme: a way to interpret this area of the residence as a space to be lived in which is identified with the tastes of the consumer.  Absolutely everyone can find his personal reference taste in the catalogue: type the collections focused on design and style to the classical ones, from the linear ones which find their strength in simplicity to eclectic, wealthy ones. Globo continues its research operate on aesthetic and functional references of the bathroom area, consistently rising its solution offering and focusing on shapes.

thukral tagra Bathroom Sinks Installation By Thukral & Tagra others

p Bathroom Sinks Installation By Thukral & Tagra others
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