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How To Distress Furnishings: Your Step By Step Guide

how to distress furniture How To Distress Furnishings: Your Step By Step Guide interior design 2 Sometimes, the greatest way to liven up your furniture is to make it appear a bit older. Many interior designers are now mixing distressed furniture with modern styles. Distressing furnishings includes adding an old age look to a furniture piece. Ahead of throwing away your old bedroom or dining room sets, reconsider by refinishing it. It can be quite pricey to acquire distressed furnishings, so why not produce it your self with a tiny imagination? The following is a step by step guide that will make a distressed piece look like an expensive antique.

Sand: Lightly sand the furniture you want to distress. If the furnishings has a finish already (painted or vanished before), sand all the surfaces. Use a medium or fine grit sandpaper for this purpose, and wipe the piece with a cloth.

Rough-up surface: Use a hammer, chain or a screw driver for roughing up the surface of your furniture. The much more you roughen up, the a lot more aged the piece will appear.

Prime: Use a top quality white primer to give your piece a thin coat, and soon after it has dried, stick to up with some light sanding.

Apply base coat: It is critical that you decide on a base coat that complements the area. White or off whites are neutral colors that you can go with.

Glaze coat (optional): Soon after the furniture has dried completely, apply glaze over the entire piece. Even though this is an optional step, it is very suggested. The glaze, generally brown or grey, highlights the roughed-up locations when it is applied and brings out the details of the furniture.

Seal coat: After the glaze coat is dry, apply a sealer or water-primarily based poly finish with a sponge brush. Apply the polyurethane coats as recommended by the manufacturer and do not forget to sand amongst the coats. This is extremely essential in safeguarding all your challenging perform.

Once you complete this step, step back and enjoy your new antiqued furnishings. The outcomes will amaze you, and how quickly and effortless you have transformed your room’s appear.

What you will need to have

-The piece to distress

-Fine sandpaper

-Tack cloth

-Top quality Primer

-Goggles for security

-Tools- nails, hammer, chisel, ice pick, toothbrush

-Painting tools

-Polyurethane (optional) for finish

Essential guidelines

-It is very advisable that you clean the piece right after each step with a tack cloth

-If you do not have a brush, you can use an old lint-cost-free rag to add stain

-There is a distinction between destroying and distressing. Use a light hand with the tools, especially the hammer.

Image: Stockholm Bombay

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